GPS tracking with photos APP?


Dec 24, 2009
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South Jersey & Tug Hill, New York
Are there any other GPS tracking with photo interation applications out there besides EveryTrail?

I downloaded Everytrail (free) and tried it out then was mislead by their web site that upgrading to Pro would bring me topo map integration and I found out that it is not topo capable yet (after I paid for it) The topo I could wait for but the Andriod version of this app is not ready for prime time yet IMO.
I had it working fine for a few times but 90% of the time it does not upload my photos to my trip and I need to go in and manually upload the photos that are saved on my SD card.
I though I had found the problem (I had auto upload tuned on in Photobucket) solved but it is having problems again.

I cannot recommend this application to anyone in it's current state.
The developers have been super helpful in finding my problem with this app.

I have a yet to be released version on my Droid that I am testing and it works much better.
Try the new free app inViu routes. It records travel routes, saves POIs, takes GPS photos, and shares them all via email or social media apps on your phone. You can assign POIs and photos to any route. It's available on Google Play.