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Jul 19, 2010
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I actually wrote this and for some reason it didn't post after I clicked submit new thread. Anyways...I was looking for a photo gallery app that matched the photo gallery function on the ZumoDrive app. I have tried out many different type of locker programs like this one, and many of them offer additional media rather than exclusively music. I've found an app that helps with my music library, so I'd like to focus on using ZumoDrive for just photos. I like the layout of the photo section of this app, the folders that house the photos. I also like the simplistic and sleek layout and design of the gallery when you open a folder to view the photos. I am looking for an app that matches that type of layout. Also, as probably is the case for very many people, 2GB of storage isn't enough for my photos. This app, like many others, offers a purchase plan for storage. If possible I'd like to get an app that offers as much storage for free as possible. That is mainly why I am looking for a different app, because 2GB is just not enough. I also don't mind and actually prefer to upload the media to storage just like ZumoDrive and access it through the app on my phone and "stream" it that way as opposed to having my PC turned on or uploading to my SD card. I know this is probably a long-shot but I figured I'd put it out there incase someone found a little DL'd gem out there in the Market that offers these features.

Thanks for any suggestions in advance.
Any suggestions out there on a photo gallery app of this nature? I still haven't had any luck coming across something to the effect of what I am looking for. Still feeling happy with the ZumoDrive...although when the percentage of storage full gets to 90% (which will be pretty soon because my entire photo gallery on my computer is much higher than the allotted 2GB) I won't be too happy then, lol. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
I tried using the Dropbox app and their photo gallery folder. It is more like a database locker than a photo gallery locker just retrieves the photo from a list of files (the photos) rather than display them like ZumoDrive or a true photo gallery thumbnail type of display. Unfortunately I haven't found anything else yet. Anybody else have any luck out there managing their photo gallery similar to what I'm looking at? Thanks in advance.
After some searching I found a number of photo storage apps that will do the trick. Some are better than others and for as many as I am going to list here, I have found just as many that didn't make the cut.

I've listed them in order of preference based on a few things like storage limit, app UI, speed, ease of use, etc. Hopefully this might help some other folks looking for the same thing. I've based storage on what comes free, in some cases there may be packages for sale. I'll try to leave the description and details to a minimum so you can try them out for yourself. I've included the appbrain link for more info and DL

1. Lifepics | unlimited storage
LifePics: View & Order Photos - Android app on AppBrain
2. ZumoDrive | 2GB
ZumoDrive - Android app on AppBrain
3. Joomeo | appears to be unlimited for limited to 150MB per month
Joomeo free - photos sharing - Android app on AppBrain
4. Terastore | 3GB
TSpics - Android app on AppBrain
5. Photobucket | 500MB | looks to be the only one that automatically uploads once you take a photo with phone camera (from this list at least)
Photobucket Mobile - Android app on AppBrain
6. Avanquest | 1GB
Avanquest SendPhotos - Android app on AppBrain
7. Photoshop | 2GB
Adobe Photoshop Express - Android app on AppBrain
8. LeapDrive | 5GB | has potential and 5GB free is great but UI seems to have issues, otherwise might be top 3
LeapDrive - Android app on AppBrain

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there is a number of flickr apps, I have one but don't use it that much because I don't use flickr that much...although for the few pics I have on flickr, it worked ok.
Also, BDB is a swedish site that has a english page...I signed up but didn't try it yet. Might be of interest to someone.

I came across Pixelpipe Pixelpipe Post & Upload HD - Android app on AppBrain
while looking for photo storage apps. While it isn't a photostorage app per se, it is a great "pinging" like site that posts to the most services I have found so far. I discussed it a bit further in this thread.
It is kind of off topic here, but wanted to mention it because I came across it searching for photo storage apps.

Thanks for reading!