google voice question


Oct 7, 2010
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so i downloaded google voice app to use the voicemail. i like the idea of being able to just read the voice mail as a text. well turns out it doesnt work very well. too the point i have no clue what the vmail is even about. anyways... i deleted google voice from my phone but all my voice mails still go into the google account instead of the original verizon voice mail. how do i get my voice mail back to its original place....thanks for any help
*73xxx-xxx-xxxx send and listen for beeps.
The x is your phone number. This is for vzw, not sure about other carriers

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so i am going to have to set up my voicemail with verizon again? when i call the speed dial 1 ( voice mail) it just says that there are no new messages. kinda confused..
My bad, I thought it was *73 from memory, I use google voice and dont cancel it back often.

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