Google Voice minutes?

So i have verizon. im in canada right now. I have my caller id set to show my google voice #. i have my google # as a friends and family. So just to get this straight i tell my fiancee to call me using the google #, I have my phone roaming in canada. I receive the call i answer and get an automated prompt to accept the call from my fiancee i pres #1 on the dialpad and it connects....without any charges at all?? Does my fiancee get charged for calling this way?

would appreciate any help.

I think that is correct. Some things to check on, though:

1). Does Friends&Family count when roaming out of the country? If the Friends&Family plan charges when roaming, calls made like this will be charged, too. You can check on this fairly easily with a call to Verizon. You don't have to mention Google Voice, you can just ask "are my F&F calls still free if I'm roaming in canada?" Honestly, I would assume that they are NOT still free, and that you will be charged for roaming.

2). Fiancee will be charged whatever she would normally be charged for calling a phone number. If she has your google voice number in her Friends&Family, it will be free. If not, it will cost normal minutes.

Before spending hours+hours on the phone, it might make sense to make a couple test-calls like this and check on the bill at the end of the month.
thanks for the quick reply se7enLc. i will call verizon when i get a chance and keep the conversations at a minimum ;)

one thing i forgot to do was to uncheck the "receive sms on this phone" in google voice website. That's the one i should leave uncheck so i dont get dinged if im roaming right?
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