Google Chrome For Android Beta Available Now

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Oct 29, 2009
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Chrome for Android (beta) is now available in the Android Market for select phones and tablets running 4.0.x Ice Cream Sandwich. We'd love to hear users feedback on the stability and performance of the browser on your device. Enjoy!!

Source: Chrome blogspot

Edit: its not showing up for the GNex :(
Edit2: following the market link in OP gives an error
Edit3: following URL in browser and installing that way worked ;)

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Dunno. I just installed from the web interface. Shows the Nexus as a compatible device there, and installs fine.
YES! I hope its as smooth as the PC version...although it is still a beta.

Edit: shows up perfectly fine in the market for me.

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Got it working on my rezound running ics.
any of you able to access tabs you have open on your computer that is not working for me and not sure if im doing something wrong.:frown:
I dont know. I did a search, and it didnt come up.

Going to try the browser download

edit: Got it working through the browser url. Pretty cool how it's working on ICS, but I don't see too much of a difference between this browser and the stock ICS browser.
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I installed/pushed it fine from my PC browser in google market online and it is on my Nexus no prob, but searching on the app on my phone didn't show it when I first tried.
Shows up for me on my phone. It's the 13th result when searching for "Chrome" in the android market app.

Downloading now.
Works on my Nexus.

It's in the market.

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Yeah I know that is where i took the link from. I was emphasizing that if you can not find it in the market click the link from the browser and it will take you there regardless.