Google Assistant Installing On My Watch


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Sep 5, 2010
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Maybe this is old news to many but the long awaited Google assistant has finally arrived on the Galaxy Watch 4 .

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I must say Google assistant BLOWS AWAY both Ultimate Alexa and Bixby . It's faster responding , more accurate and gives much better detail on specific queries where Bixby and Alexa give generic answers.
I asked is it supposed to rain at work tomorrow . Alexa said yes it's supposed to rain tomorrow . Bixby didn't know where I work and Google said yes between 8am and 530pm it is supposed to rain at work tomorrow .

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For some reason the app thinks I'm in Boston Mass and when I tell it I'm not it goes kinda sideways on anything location, traffic , travel related and just brings up this while repeating what is written .

This has been that way since yesterday morning .

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The app seems to be good so far for location on my Classic 4, the app is a good addition so far.

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The app seems to be good so far for location on my Classic 4, the app is a good addition so far.

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Mine was like that the first couple of days as well.

To fix mine I had to open assistant on my phone , ask my current location , which created the same error on my phone , a menu popped up and asked if I wanted to "forget that " ,I tapped yes , bug cleared and it now tells me my correct current location on my phone and watch .

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I asked assistant yesterday "what is the current temperature at work "
Answer "I don't know that one . Perhaps ask me when the next full moon is "
When I was coming home from work yesterday there was a traffic jam ahead . I asked about traffic on the way home . It said "traffic on i95 in Boston is heavy " . I was in Chester Virginia . I asked what the traffic between work and home was like and it said "I don't know that one perhaps ask me what the current weather is " since I'm now sitting in a parking lot called i95 I force closed the app and started it up again . From that point ,until I deleted and installed today, the microphone never worked on the watch , only on my phone .
This was the first time I'd tried it since the latest update to the app . It's working fine again now that I deleted and installed on both the watch and phone , connected them back together again , and went through the whole setup process again .
I'm really liking Ultimate Alexa better than this one for now .

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Monday I asked Google what the percentage chance for rain was at work .
Honest to goodness "it might rain today " was the answer I got .

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On my way to work this morning I my exit off of 95 was about a 1/4 mile prior to a major accident . My wife leaves the house a few minutes after me and goes further on 95 than I do so she's gonna get stuck in it if she doesn't know . As I get off at my exit I decide to text her . Phone is in my lunch box so that's out . Messaging app on the watch is very lengthy to compose one and I'm trying to pay attention to traffic . Last time this happened I pulled over two the side and called her but on a whim I enabled Google assistant and said send text to ...... It asked what's the message , got the message spot on and asked me if I wanted to send it . I said yes , it sent . She replied via Siri .
I've gotten a couple of updates on the watch since I last posted about this app and it seems to be getting better with each update . No more it might rain today responses and no more thinking I'm in Boston Mass instead of central Virginia .

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Evidently the Google Assistant now has the ability to stand alone on the LTE version of the Galaxy Watch 4. Just for grins I am running the watch on LTE only today to see how it performs and one of the things I attempted was current temperature before I head out .

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Assistant gave me text data , instead of just a link, along with verbal reading of the text when I asked how to cook a veggie burger in an airfyer . This was a couple of hours after Google Mobile Services updated itself on my watch .
Google News is also just about there on Galaxy Watch 4 . It now will show screenshots of the app on the Play Store though still saying my watch isn't compatible . Any day now it should be available according to multiple sources on the web .

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