Galaxy Watch 6 Series Only Gets Update


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Sep 5, 2010
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Evidently the last update pushed out to the GWs 4-6 introduced a bug of some sort to the screen on some of the Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic .
Evidently those that got the bug had major issues , so much so Samsung who is infamous for ignoring bug reports until regular update occur , put pushed an update to GW6 and GW6Cs only . This is akin to the bug introduced into the GW4s in 2022 that turned them into a paperweight if you let the battery go fully discharged . Samsung pushed a fix out within weeks of the first report as most watches being returned for fix were still under warranty .
For what it's worth my GW6 screen is notably more sensitive to touch than before.

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Something else it turns out Samsung "accidentally" fixed with this update was the ability to play custom ringtones . You can download them onto the watch , they will play fine for an alarm tone but if you get an actual phone call it plays a stock tone .
Custom notifications still work fine so I guess they missed that "bug" .

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