Galaxy Watch 4 Update


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Sep 5, 2010
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Officially the update doesn't mention anything other than bug fixes , Samsung Health improvements , security patch to March 1 .
The update is the same release number this time for both the Bluetooth only version and LTE versions of both the regular and classic models .
I just got an update a couple weeks back that was to fix bugs introduced in the last major update in February . This bugs were the raise to wake feature was broken and a few older watch faces no longer worked .
One thing that has been added that I REALLY appreciate is blood 02 check on demand . Having 60% blockage in 2 arteries , copd and being 58 it's nice for me to be able to run spot checks when I get out of breath . I was able to add it as a Tile (aka shortcut) . The ECG capability is ok as long as I'm perfectly still and has improved a ton in accuracy since my watch was new . Nothing better there . The hrm has been reliably within a few beats of my chest strap and now the 02 monitor that mirrors the one I have for my fingers . The BMI checker still sucks . It's worse than the ECG ever was at trying to get a measurement .
Some on Reddit are stating slightly better battery life . I'm getting 2 plus days by putting it on the charger when I wake up every other morning and putting it on when I leave for work . It's usually about 20-25% when I get up and 85-90% when I leave for work , about 90 minutes later . Even a small improvement will be appreciated .
If any of y'all got the update and see anything I missed please post .

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