Google and Amazon May Eventually Add Home Phone Service To Their Smart Speakers.


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Oct 6, 2011
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Home Phones are dead right? These days it seems like almost everyone uses cell phones primarily. The only reason I still have a home phone is because I get it for free as I work for the phone company. I certainly would not pay for a land line. There are certain issues where I have found my land line phone to be useful for instance if my wife's cell phone is charging upstairs and my call goes directly to voicemail I can just dial up the house phone to get an answer.

Google and Amazon are currently looking into options for integrating home phone services into their smart speakers according to a Wall Street Journal report. This would allow you to continue to the flow if say you searched for restaurants in the area and found one you could tell the speaker to call. This is an interesting idea. Wouldn't it be just as easy to link your cell phone to the speaker and have the smart speaker make the call through your cell phone? There may be other issues to consider. Privacy is maybe the biggest as these speakers actually record input to learn and make the ai smarter over time. How would you end a call? If it would be by using a Hot word that could make for some very frustrating situations if someone said the word in the middle of a conversation. This idea is still incubating so I am sure these major companies will have all the details ironed out before moving forward. Can you see your self using a Google or Amazon home phone service through your smart speaker?

via WSJ


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Jul 13, 2010
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I'd bet it would be fairly simple for Google. Just associate it with a Google Voice number and done. Amazon might run into some issues though.

As for ending a call...that is something to overcome.