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  1. danDroid

    Alexa is Spontaneously Laughing?!

    Amazon is trying to stop its Amazon Echos, powered by the Alexa voice-activated assistant, from suddenly laughing. The online retail giant told to tech news publication The Verge on Wednesday that it is aware that some Echo Internet-connected speakers have a laughing problem and is “working to...
  2. danDroid

    Alexa loses her voice in Amazon's Super Bowl teaser

    Get ready Echo users, Alexa has lost her voice and a new voice might be responding soon! Amazon’s new Super Bowl ad teaser posted on youtube kicks off with a woman in a bathroom brushing her teeth. She asks Alexa what the weather is in Austin. As Alexa starts to answer, the digital assistant...
  3. DroidModderX

    Google and Amazon May Eventually Add Home Phone Service To Their Smart Speakers.

    Home Phones are dead right? These days it seems like almost everyone uses cell phones primarily. The only reason I still have a home phone is because I get it for free as I work for the phone company. I certainly would not pay for a land line. There are certain issues where I have found my land...