Goodbye, Droid Friends!


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Nov 25, 2011
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Adios, all~

I was an OG owner, then upgraded to a Moto Droid 2 Global and have been so beaten down by the arrogance of Moto, how they have locked down MY phone, not supported THEIR product(s), spewed out one lame new product after another, after another, after another...

I have gladly forgone the keyboard (love Swype!) and my NEW, soon to be UNLOCKED HTC Rezound is on the way!

Will keep my D2G for a backup in case of a horrid emergency, but I have finally had enough of Moto and found a beast of a phone that I snagged brand new for all of $170 for an upgrade price at Costco. Yeah...ahhhhhhh

I will miss the gang but I know some will move over, too...see you at the Rezound Forum!


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Sep 5, 2011
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I was feeling worried for a bit when the D2G dropped right after I got my D2, but it seems to have had a surprising number of issues. That said, I run the D2G ported version of MIUI entirely without issue. I hope your HTC works out for you. I used to be big on Nokia, then LG, now Moto, but I've always seen promise in some of what HTC does. That said, for me it comes down to who puts out the best Qwerty keyboard and screen combination, along with UI, so I guess we'll see what comes down the 4g pipeline later this year.