Good program for showing off graphics capabilities?


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Aug 16, 2010
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Are there any good apps to give a good demonstration on the graphical power of the DROID 4? The golf game is decent, and the game Reckless Racing is nice, but I'm sure this thing can do even better than that since my OG Droid could do the latter.

Whether a game or just a graphics demo, I want something to show off to friends.

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YouTube isn't very impressive, even if it IS an HD video. I could watch full-length DVD-quality movies on my OG Droid, and did on several occasions. I'm looking for something that shows off 3D stuff.
Good find, thanks. I've been looking for cool 3D demos too.
Skycastle is neat can't wait to see that place grow. some interaction would be a plus, but it's still nice.

The sims freeplay app shocks the guys at work ... :)

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