Going to mexico city! Help!


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May 25, 2012
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I will be going to Mexico city in a couple of weeks, I need to use my phone for email purposes and skype. They have wifi where I'm staying, is it going to work? I went over the boarder(Tijuana) and tried using wifi by putting it on Airplane mode and turning on Wifi. It says its connected but it doesnt work :(

Me too. I need advice on this for my son's rezound. He is going to Venice for a semester and do not want him to use his phone on Verizon's plan for phone calls, text and data but would like for him to be able to use it with Wi-Fi for Skype and email and possibly a Wi-Fi text app (if there is one.) How can I set up his phone so it doesn't receive phone calls or text and isn't trying to roam on data but that he still has Wi-Fi?

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Ok, I figured it all out. My son is leaving for a semester in Venice tomorrow and I have set up his phone to do what he needs without getting smacked with a whopping bill. He will not be using phone, text or data through Verizon but he will be able to text, call and use GPS for free while there. Here are the details:

1) put your phone in airplane mode which will prevent Verizon data or Verizon phone service. While in airplane mode you can turn on Wi-Fi and GPS when needed.
2) Pre-load maps of the country you will be traveling. You will be able to use GPS on your pre-loaded maps. You will not be able to use google maps.
3) Excellent navigation pre-loaded maps apps are Navfree, Mobile Reference Free Travel Guide (excellent maps and excellent additional information for the country you are visiting.... super app), and Trip Advisor.
4) Install Text+ which you can use to make free phone calls and free texts when on Wi-Fi to anyone who has Text+. Make sure anyone you want to call and text also has it and exchange your text+ phone numbers.
5) Google translator (great but you need Wi-Fi), Tourist Language Learn & Speak (has useful phrases and most common things you might need to say pre-loaded so can use it without WiFi), currency calculators are helpful.

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