going from 5.5.893 to .901??? Any help? Currently rooted...


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Dec 29, 2011
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So I herd there is an update to .901 now... I am rooted. When I go and click on system updates it just brings me to a screen that says "motorola account required" ""System update" is not available without a morotola service account. Would you like to setup an account now"" If I click setup it takes me to wi-fi setup, which i follow, then it will not allow me to update? I got the .893 OTA, Permaroot now. I have un-froze/thawed all bloat wear, rebooted, removed sim card etc.. ... any suggestions? Im out of luck as of now. Thanks.
Im not one of the geniuses here but I was on 893 then I flashed the leaked 901 file when it came out from downloading it manually and then I was able to get the OTA official .902 update the legit way thru check4 updates

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If I were you, I would just update to 5.9.902. I can't seem to find an update file to go from 5.5.893->5.9.902 directly. But you could try this:

Droid Bionic » -[How to] get to 5.9.902 Rooted Easiest way

It has you flash your phone back to Stock 5.9.902 and then root it again.
I'm pretty sure you'll lose all your data, but not positive.
I did a process like this when I got stuck in a boot loop.
Just don't blame me if something goes wrong.

Good luck.
Just google it, its a 56 MB file to go from 893 to 902. The link to it is on these forums somewhere, probably in a stickied thread. Follow instructions in whatever thread you find.

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