Stock rooted .886 to .901 + root?

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I rooted my phone from stock .886 using petes one click method which i think means its still not forever rooted but i am not sure on that.

I bought bionic bootstrap recovery and bootstraped and then rebooted recovery installing clockworkmod recovery after which i updated CWMR with rom manager.

I can backup and restore without issues using CWMR.
There is a message that shows up in both backup and restoring regarding ".android_secure" missing on /sdcard/. This is weird but doesnt seem to pose an issue as restored backup works fine. During restore it also says it cant find scd-ext (its some shorthand of sdcard)

My main question is how can i safely upgrade to the .901 stock build either without losing root or with the ability to regain it.

I can only receive .893 via software update on phone but it isnt force installing it. Is .901 officially out?

Also will whatever process you smart people devise allow me to keep all my apps/themes/screen config? Considering its all stock and not a custom rom this seems feasible.

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