Have rooted .901, anything I should know for FDR?


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May 28, 2011
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Basically .901 has been nothing but problems since the day I got it. Had .886, had to do a FDR to get the official .893, and then I gave in and installed .901 for work. First it killed my battery. Suddenly I wasn't getting 4g. Replaced the SIM card, was 4g for about an hour, then went back to 3g. Even when I power on/off, stays at 3G. HOWEVER, I do get a reliable 3g connection in my work's break room, which was the only place I would ever lose service, and that was quite frequently (very frustrating in a break room). I'm willing to do a FDR once to see if it fixes it, but I want to make sure there won't be any issues since I have .901 and forever root. I don't know if the system looks for an "official" version instead of an "official accidental" version or something like that.

Or any thoughts on how to fix the other issues I'm all ears. I put the phone to CDMA only for now, which has definitely helped with the battery life (since I think the phone was continuously trying to connect to 4g while on 3g). But it's still worse than it was at .893. Anyone?