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So I currently have a DX, I love the phone as it does everything I need. My question is should I wait for 1-2Qtr 2012 phones, or jump on the GNEX/RAZR?
My concerns of poor reception and battery life have me on the fence on these next-gen phones. I currently do not have 4G in my area, but I see a lot of threads in here saying the GNex gets terrible CDMA service. This next device I buy will be my handset for at least two years so I would like to get a great phone with the power and support to last in this fast pace technology race. I always loved the Nexus's devices and I was super pumped to see one finally come to VZW. I just don't wanna jump on the Nexus or an ICS RAZR and have a new batch come out, ala Bionic/RAZR ... What would you recommend ?

Follow your heart. That's what I do.
I waited and waited for the Bionic to finally drop, and once it did I was so tired of the delays I didn't buy it. Then the Razr came out and word of the Nexus came about. I always envied T Mobile for getting the Google phones, so I'm with out a doubt getting the GNEX!

Nice! The envy days are gone for all of us!
No one has chimed in yet on the apps working on ICS... Will they, and does pdaNET still work?
Once you get the GNex I doubt you'll be using launcherpro. Check out NovaLauncher, it's fantastic.
I'm not sure when we'll be getting 4G, however Syracuse, NY just got it, and im roughly 30 minutes east of Cuse. So hopefully some time this year.
I live in Chittenango and have full bars..get a nexus you won't regre it. My download speed has been 30+ many times and rarely goes below 20Mbps.
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Remember you can always return the GN and get a Razr like many of us have already had to do ... :icon_ devil:
Id be bored too with the amount of dev support that phone has :biggrin:
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