GB official release?


Nov 18, 2010
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I would really like to wait for the offical release because I'm not familiar with rooting and using all of these programs to get the leak. Plus backing up all of the apps and reinstalling will be a major pain. When the leak hit, they said it was rumored that the official would hit as early as today, but I haven't heard ANYTHING about the official since then. Has anyone heard anything at all when or even if the official release will hit? If Motorola or Verizon say that it wont be released, I guess I'll go through the trouble and possible problems people are having just to have GB. I would rather wait though and get the real thing. Thanks!

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Last I heard it was about a month or so out yet. But that was about a week ago so it could have changed again

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I did the gb update this past week. First time I have ever rooted my phone. Loved it. Did sbk back to 2.2 today to get ota when it is ready.

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I did it and love it.

However, last time I did an SBF back to stock, I made a backup of the stock system that I could restore to, boot into the phone, remove the root and update.

Or, I have the Maderstock340 or whatever that stock zip file is on my SD card, so I can just go to recovery mode, tell it to restore the phone with that file, clear the cache and boot into a stock phone that I can then do the OTA with.

But I will hold off on doing any of that until the official GB release comes out and there is a simple root created for it.
seems like the phone almost locks up with commands since i did the update. I thought it was the GB.
i ve had the moto x for about 2 months now

Yeah, but that doesn't mean that you were on the latest update during that time. If you went to GB last week you would know it, as it totally changes the look and feel of the phone...
are people experiencing phone lock ups with this version. or let's call it a long lag.
I updated to the GB leak.

If you are rooted and have bootstrap installed, it is actually very easy. Just use bootstrap to backup the phone, and then use it to install the .zip file from recovery mode.

Reboot the phone, clear the cache, reboot again, done.

Looks better, runs faster, very happy with it so far...