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Oct 29, 2009
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One of our favorite shows has made it's way into the Play Store. The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning, is an interactive comic book style game that has you playing as the character Shane before the Zombie Apocalypse. Every choice you make in the game will effect what happens next. It's a quick play, approximately 5-10 minutes, that leaves you wanting more. Dead Reckoning is free and a lot of fun so there's no reason not to give it a shot. I played it and scored "good but not great" because of one "bad" decision. The game challenges you to think quickly and clearly. Being a Gung-Ho cop won't score you any points so be sure to make smart decisions. Hint: knowing the show will not help you make "smart" decisions.

The download is rather large (44.5MB) and you need Adobe Air to play. Post up your results after you play and let's see who's the best at keeping the town safe . Have fun and beware of those Walkers........

EDIT: Warning this thread contains spoilers
this show is one of my bosses fav shows i am sure he will get a laugh out of this game. downloading now will see how it goes :)
I just fell victim to this show recently. Going to have to check it out :biggrin:
Best Comic Best tv show. Shane is dead but he did his part to make the show what it is, he was a great Zombie killer.
I hate Shane!

Liked him in the first season, but this past season he's been a total d*@k lol

Totally agree. From how the season ended (without giving it away for those that haven't seen it yet :) ), next season should be awesome.

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Yes...great show. I was hooked after the first season. I know its spoilers...lol. But even tho he's dead....I still liked him when he changed. It was always there it just came out more. But he had to die ...lol. I just edited some stuff...yea...we keep on and it will be spoilers all over the place for those who never seen the show. :biggrin:

Even tho Choose Your Own Adventure books were part of what started my beginning to love to read many years ago..I dont want to get this game. It may be too short to my liking.
if anyone reads the comic he's been dead since the 4th issue and thankfully i might add he was a d!ck

Yes, in some ways it was nice having him on the show longer but the more he became a jerk it was obvious there was going to be a showdown with Rick eventually... and it didn't disappoint!
Wow do i have a issue. I cant download any apps! It says error processing purchace. Really? For a free app? Help guys!

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