Gallery YouTube upload is stuck on wrong account


Apr 16, 2010
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If I try to Share a video from my Gallery to my YouTube account - well basically I can't!

The problem is the Gallery won't let me upload YouTube to YouTube through my main account! I have two gmail accounts on this phone and when I try to Share a video to YouTube the only choice I have for upload is to use my secondary account (which is bascially a junk mail dump) but that email doesn't have any Picasa or YouTube accounts or any extra services at all except Email. Even in the Sync options everything is unchecked except for email...

I can't find a way in the Gallery or in the YouTube app that lets me change or alter which account is going to be used to upload.

I have my YouTube account connected to my main Gmail/Google account (both have the same name and YouTube asked me for my Google info to link my account into my Google accounts).

But for some reason the Moto Droid Gallery can only see the secondary email which doesn't have a place to Share anything! Not setup at least!



I've gotten access to uploading to my main account from the Gallery... BUT... it can't remember my account!

I gained access by deleting my secondary Gmail account from the phone. Not an ideal solution... But now when I try to Share the Gallery asks me to LogIn to my YouTube account and I can enter in my Main account information and upload as desired.

But like I said... it doesn't remember the account! The secondary account was in there by default all the time until I removed the account completely from the phone. Now it seems the Gallery see NO account at all so I have to manually enter the information everytime I want to Share!

When I log into YouTube I do it through my Gmail account, if I try to change my password on YouTube it redirects me to my Main gmail account... when I made my YouTube account I connected it to my Gmail account! Yet the Gallery can't seem to realize that I've done all that...

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