Very Annoying = Share Default Cannot Be Set?


Apr 16, 2010
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I have been trying to Upload from my Moto Droid to my YouTube account, or send pics from my main email account... but the Gallery send options kept defaulting to my secondary email account, which has no Picasa or YouTube setup for it... And there was no way to change which account was about to send out my desire to Share.

The problem was the last time I was in the Gmail program I had checked an email from my secondary account. This forced the Gallery to use this account as its method of sharing.

To fix this I had to open up the Gmail app and hit menu and hit accounts and select my main account, then I backed out all the way and reopened the Gallery.

Now when I try to Share the Gallery defaults to my Main account! Yay! Problem fixed!

Would be even nicer if there was a way to tell the phone to use one of my two Gmail accounts as a default for everything and I won't have to worry about which account is trying to share out my images/videos!

Any ideas?