Sharing Video VIA Youtube..?


May 30, 2010
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So, this is frustrating. Was searching for an answer for a few days now and figured I'd come ask here before calling a rep for my phone.

I have the HTC Incredible, and was attempting to share videos via the youtube option.

If I go to the youtube app, open it up, and upload a video that way, it works fine.

But if I go into my photos/videos, click share, then pick a video and try to share it via youtube, it makes me try to sign into an account that I don't use for youtube.

I'm not sure why. If I do some fast tapping, I can tap on my [email protected] name, which is what I want to sign in with. But it asks me for the [email protected] name's password. And I can't even log in with the youtube one.

And if this is the password used with the same gmail account that I have (That it's asking for) it should work, right? The password wont go through. I've even checked on the computer to make sure the password was right, and it is, but it wont work "via share". :(

I'm so confused.
Any help would be appreciated. :(
Anyone? I'm about ready to just factor default restore it. >.<