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Feb 24, 2017
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I have enjoyed Droid Forums for MANY MANY years but I found myself in need of the communities help this morning and so I finally created an account. I hope you do not hold my tardiness against me and please know I have the utmost respect for this community, you folks have saved my bacon on 2 or 3 handfuls of occasions.

My issue is the dreaded pink line issue, it started this morning, a pink line running vertically on the right side of my screen. It appears and disappers on my screen, seemingly at random. I am still under warranty but when I called Verizon they asked about cracks in the phone's glass surfaces. I dropped the phone shortly after I got it (about 10 months ago) and the back has a little damage as you can see, my question is whether or not Verizon will consider this enough physical damage to trigger their $300 charge for the replacement. I looked at Verizon's guide for identifying physical damage but there is nothing that addresses the rear glass of my phone. The picture shows the point of impact, but there are a few faint cracks that come out of it that are harder to see.


What really grinds my gears is that the damage to the rear glass most likely has nothing to do with the display issue, but getting hit with that fee would be really tough for me, so do I hold on to my device, let the warranty expire and hope the screen doesn't get worse or send the phone back, pray to the inspection gods and risk losing $300 bucks I can't really afford to spend right now? A co-worker thinks I should get the back glass replaced, but that only seems like a way to potentially lose $70 on the replacement and another $300 when Verizon catches the warranty voiding action.

Thank you Droid Forum
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What really grinds my gears is that the damage to the rear glass most likely has nothing to do with the display issue, but getting hit with that fee would be really tough for me,
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Welcome to DroidForums, kramer52. I admit that I also learned much on DF before finally becoming a member.

Your dilemma is a very tough call. I agree; I'm sure your pink line has little or nothing to do with the broken glass on the back and my guess is that pink line may get worse rather than better.

You may want to try to find a Samsung representative. Best Buy used to have them in their stores and I imagine they still do. They may be able to advise you on what's best to do for replacement.

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Thank you for the advice, I have already contacted Samsung and they have offered to evaluate the device before attempting a fix, my concern there is being without the phone for 10 days. Best Buy might be a great option, thank you for your help.
Keep us posted. It may end up being worth having Samsung attempt a fix. You can ask friends if they have a back up phone you can borrow while you wait the ten days.

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I'm undergoing the same problem and when I took my phone into Verizon they inspected it and saw a small crack on the screen; which happened almost a year ago. I'm due for an upgrade but since they discovered that crack...they said the upgrade is no longer possible unless I pay $400 for a new phone. I was searching online about this very issue with the pink line...I have the exact issue as well. I know what you're going through about whether it being worth it to spend the money or deal with having a poor screen. Check this tip:

"For some users this temporarily fixes the issue. To do so, go to the dial pad on your Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge and enter *#0*# . Then click on Red, Green and Blue. This should reset the individual pixels of each color. If it doesn’t work the first time it might be worth to repeat it several times."