Froyo 2.2 DEMAND-conact your fool day


Nov 24, 2010
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Alright guys this is the plan. I was reading on the vzw forums and there is a group that wants to set a dates for april 1st they want to call it "contact your fool" day so thats what we should do. So April 1st (friday) we need to jam up there phone lines (im saying all day so they get the picture) then if i can get enough guys to do this with me i want to start again on monday april 4th and we need to get enough guys/gals to help punch our msg through to them by going till the 8th if we can get the message through for a whole week i think we will get what we want.

Now for the guys/gals that are willing to do that. post on here and shoot me a text as well to (google voice number no calls will go to me i will be checking online for the text message if you have any other questions post them here and text to this number and i will try to reply as best i can) 773-609-1581 to let me know who is in and i will tally them up to let you all know how many people are on-board. im hoping to see about 2000 people as that should get our message through

Remember we are asking for 2.2 or we are asking for our money back thats what i'm saying in my thought. I plan to also tell them i will never buy from them ever again. if we can all try to not do that(which is hard for me cz the only phones i have ever gotten are from samsung. but i will stop. hint im only 22 i have a long life ahead of me. and my whole family buys what i recommend and thats a good 50 people so yeah.) but let me know and lets get out there and tell them what we want.

Samsung phone number 1-888-987-4357
(there open monday through saturday 7 am to 8 pm central time we will start bright and early guys and keep running i say around 10am central time.

remember if the phone doesn't let you through thats a good thing.

Oh and if this gets big can we get this set as a sticky.