Frequent crashes after update


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Feb 12, 2012
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I'm at a loss. After the last Razr update, my Razr has been crashing like crazy. Problem is that it's inconsistent, so it's a little hard for me to figure out what the issue is. What's been happening is that the Razr will crash and reboot seemingly every five minutes or so for no apparent reason. It happens at home using Wifi, on the road traveling around, at work, at friends' houses and pretty much everywhere. I thought it may be related to 4G LTE data connection issues or wifi connection issues, but it's hard to isolate for sure.

On one of my longer commutes today it didn't crash until I got to my destination (1 hour or so). At my destination, it crashed a few times. Now I'm back home and it's crashing frequently.

Apps that I run also seem to not have any real rhyme or reason in whether they affect the frequency or occurrence of crashes. Evernote seemed to crash it, even after that app's recent update. Accessing Facebook app pictures also does it. But so will looking at pictures using the stock Gallery app. I uninstalled Juice Defender and Battery Circle because they were usually running whenever it crashed, but that hasn't changed the frequency of crashes. And there are times when the phone has just rebooted and it will crash at the lock screen even before I can put in my PIN and go to the home screen.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Oct 2, 2011
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I had the same issue. It would turn off and turn on over and over by itself. One time it did it for 30mins straight. (Called power cycling) I drive for my job, sometimes 400 miles in a day, so I understand your frustration. In my case, it seemed to happen most when I turned my phone off and then on, only because it started acting funny. Then the cycle kept going and the phone would get very hot from it.

verizon had me do a factory reset, which didn't fix it. They sent me a replacement because they couldn't fix it so I don't have a solution for you. You should call them and have them send you a replacement. The more people that report it, the faster they will come out with a fix.

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