Ford Sync Bluetooth vs USB Issues with Audio


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Mar 30, 2011
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So, I bought a new Ford with Sync! For the most part everything works great. I've done numerous searches on Ford Sync's website and found a lot of useful information as well as on this site, so I think I've come to a few conclusions, but wanted to find out if there were any work arounds on the phone side...

Bottom line, if you want to use the on screen or voice commands over bluetooth via the bluetooth audio connection with the droid incredible 4g, it will not work... it DOES however connect! So, you can still drive all the audio functions via your player on your phone and it will play via the bluetooth connection (but in your mind, you have to pretend you have plugged into the aux port on a car that doesn't have all the fancy bells and whistles). It is not listed as a support phone on Ford Sync's website at all, so that is pretty much a dead end there.

However, USB is support and does work, with some bizarre issues...

Reading a really intelligent thread on Ford Sync's website, basically, when you plug in a "usb" device, Sync does a scan of the entire USB drive and builds it's own little database of songs and then builds it's voice commands based on your song list.

When I plug in my droid incredible 4g, I get the standard behavior I would get if I plugged it in to a PC... Charge Only Mode or Disk Drive Only Mode. The choice is simple here, if you want music, you have to use Disk Drive Only. NOW... this is where things are getting weird and frustrating... It starts it's scan of the entire phone (I'm really foggy from here on out), while it's scanning, it's playing every sound file that has to do with the navigation??? This all takes about 1 minute, but it's frustrating because it's non stop navigation command after another.

I'm wondering... is there a place my music belongs on my phone to make this easier, is there a way to block areas of my phone from being scanned like that? It's like I have 3 USB drives all in one (as far as the car sees). I realize I'm dealing with an unsupported phone in this scenario, just wanted to see if I could streamline anything. I'm also wondering if on the bluetooth side of things, is there a place the songs belong that the bluetooth audio would actually see songs to do the scanning via bluetooth so I didn't have to plug in via USB.

I'm not worried about sound quality from bluetooth to usb, I'm aware of the differences. I just want stuff to work as advertised :)
Mar 13, 2010
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I am just now noticing this issue as I just got my galaxy s4 and it is not compatible at all other than a Bluetooth audio. I am really bummed about that.

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