For your next phone, will you be getting one with a hardware keyboard?

Keyboard is a must for me. Last smartphone I had was a Q .... I needs a keyboard.
i actually never use the landscape virtual keyboard so hardware keyboard is a must. i do find myself using the portrait keyboard a lot though.
As with many on these forums, the Droid is my first smartphone. Considering it is the best smartphone on Verizon, I didn't have to worry about comparing it with other phones based on aesthetics. However, once the next round of Android phones hits Verizon, I may potentially upgrade at the end of the year.

The one idea I'm battling with is whether or not I want a hardware keyboard on my next phone. Honestly, I don't use the hardware keyboard often. I do find it useful when typing longer emails and navigating forms. And of course, I love it for emulators. But since I rarely use it, I wonder if I would be better off getting a phone with a slimmer profile and no hardware keyboard.

Anyone else find themselves wondering whether or not they want a hardware keyboard again when they upgrade phones?

To me it's all about screen resolution, processor speed and os:
i want a fast phone with an android os and tip-top resolution.

DROID or Nexus 2
I use the physical keybaord to hit X while rooted to boot into the menu. Other than that, NEVER. I will get the first ANDROID verizon phone runing 2.1. Not that I hate my Droid. Just do not need / want the keyboard. I'd like a HTC Desire if that was possible.
I'm pretty fast with horizontal on-screen KB. The only thing I don't like is no arrow keys. Gmote is sweet but can't fully control a browser without arrow keys. I do plan on getting nexus one when/if it hits verizon
I had an iPhone for 7 months before my MotoDroid. That broke the KB habit. I rarely if ever use the physical KB, and quite honestly... I don't miss it one bit. Much like my iPhone.
My Tour (and your Curve) is actually thicker than the Droid.

Tour = .56"
Curve (8900 the thinnest) = .53"
Droid = .50"

Huge screen and physical keyboard FTW! :icon_ banana:
Right, but the Nexus One and Eris are thinner. If I could lose the keyboard and still have Verizon and a big, high res screen, I would. The physical keyboard is 100% worthless to me as the virtual keyboard is a ton easier to type on. And the fact that it's there means we don't have a track ball, which would make correcting text while using the virtual keyboard a lot easier.


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I never use the physical KB so it's a non issue. If a new phone comes out that has the fastest processor and biggest screen thats what I'm getting physical kb or not.
Not a factor really. I use the virtual keyboard a lot and it does have its problems but the physical keyboard needs another 3 mm between the keyboard and screen.
I like the option of having both!

When I need more screen space(landscape)...I slide open the keyboard
When I need to text something quickly(portrait)..I use the virtual

So Keyboard for my next device will still be on my list when shopping...unless one of the new phones is so amazing that I can live without the hardware keyboard..........heh