For your next phone, will you be getting one with a hardware keyboard?


Nov 23, 2009
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As with many on these forums, the Droid is my first smartphone. Considering it is the best smartphone on Verizon, I didn't have to worry about comparing it with other phones based on aesthetics. However, once the next round of Android phones hits Verizon, I may potentially upgrade at the end of the year.

The one idea I'm battling with is whether or not I want a hardware keyboard on my next phone. Honestly, I don't use the hardware keyboard often. I do find it useful when typing longer emails and navigating forms. And of course, I love it for emulators. But since I rarely use it, I wonder if I would be better off getting a phone with a slimmer profile and no hardware keyboard.

Anyone else find themselves wondering whether or not they want a hardware keyboard again when they upgrade phones?
I would like to have a hardware keyboard. Unfortunately the droid's is awful. It would be nice to see the layout of a hardware keyboard be more gaming friendly as well. D-pad should be on the left! Put some arrow/game keys on the right, and center they keyboard.
I came from the Voyager, and the Droid was also my first smart phone. The Voyager had a great physical keyboard, and it took a couple of weeks to get used to the keyboard on the Droid, but I am just as fast now on the physical keyboard for sure.

I will say I am becoming more of a fan of the virtual keyboard though since I rooted and installed the 2.1 keyboard with built in voice input. No longer do I need to use the Voice Text app from the market. The new keyboard uses the built in voice req capabilities and works very well.
I never use the physical that will not be a factor in my decision. Likely it will be Screen (size and technology), processor, quality of design, and of course Android OS.

When I was looking at moving to a SmartPhone...I almost went with the Samsung Moment....but once I held the Droid...and then compared it to the Moment it was a no-brainer. Droid was MUCH better designed (IMO)
I like the hardware keyboard for the simple fact that I can see what I'm doing on screen better. Virtual keyboards can sometimes cover up information on the screen.
It is still my preference, but as long as it has a landscape virtual keyboard, I have learned that I am capable of using it. So it's not a deal-breaker anymore.
Absolutely will have a hardware keyboard. I love the droid's keyboard. I would not have bought it if there wasn't a keyboard.
Yep, makes enter passwords much easier.

Not for places such as this which are cookied and automatically logged in, but sites like banks & work systems which require the password be entered on each visit. A 'good' password has upper case, lower case, and numbers so using the virtual keyboard takes too much flopping about. And with the PW not being a 'real' word it's not in the VK's dictionary. Sure, I could add it to the dictionary, but then again that's not very secure either. And if the phone should be lost/stolen someone could simply look in the dictionary file for my PWs.
Nope. I have used it twice, other than to do resets. I'd prefer the lighter weight/thinner phone.
Probably won't get a phone with a hardware keyboard honestly, I mean this one on the Droid does come in handy every now and then, but I would rather it feel like one solid piece of equipment...not like it might slide open or fall apart when I grab it lol, or slide open in my pocket...
crazy talk going on here. :icon_eek:

I'm a BlackBerry convert and man o man do i miss the BB keyboard. My Tour is 100^10 times better than any slider(the droid) keyboard could ever be, it's a tradeoff i know. You can basically touch type on BB's and not have to take your eyes off the screen; i digress :)

I agree with the majority that the keyboard isn't great, but comes in handy when entering important information that is otherwise tedious on the virtual keyboard.

Guess my vote goes toward yes, my next phone will have a hardware keyboard as well.
I rock it old school. I love a physical key board not the droid's but hey glad to have this one instead of nothing. But I do like the option of both.
may sound strange but if they increase the screen size i would not need a physical keyboard. The droids screen size it nice but comparing it to my wifes ipod, i do like the fact of the wider screen it has. The droid is narrower but longer. Wish it was as wide as the iphone/ipod.

Since having the droid i have used the physical keyboard much less than my last phone (voyager) like the OP
I hate physical keyboards but I love this phone so much it was a no brain decision for me. If they every offer a droid without one, I'm on it.