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Aug 10, 2010
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I am sorry for creating a new thread, but I came across a thread somewhere within this site (History Deleted) after trying to clear cashe within FF and Droid, Gmail and every other thing and found my problem which I think will help out a good chunk of the other "Gmail contacts and droid" Google searches.

Let me preface this by saying I made sure to export a backup of my current contacts from my droid to the SD card, CVS file from my Outlook just in case I FUBARed everything.

I was having major issues with thinking I had "lost" contacts when Gmail would say I had 305 contacts, Outlook would say 293 and Droid would say 291.

I ended up clearing out the contact storage, contacts, gmail storage and gmail from the Menu - Settings - Manage Applications - Select Menu Again - Filter - Filter All, Screens.

After rebooting my phone, logging out of Gmail and closing down Outlook's gsyncit (great program by the way) the Droid fired back up, navigated back through to my contacts and saw that it was completely empty. AWESOME! And then I was reading the screen telling me I had no contacts and it then gave me a list of options to chose from. one of which being "DISPLAY OPTIONS" from the Menu key on the main Contacts List screen. Well low and behold if there really weren't 381 total contacts.:icon_ banana:

The Display Options will ask you which contacts to show those with phone numbers only and an additional section that shows email addresses associated with your phone. When you click the email address(es) there are additional options to show only those in particular groups or all groups.

If you use Outlook as I do, you then have to select the outlook email that is associated with the CVS file that will then break down into additional menu selections to select "All Contacts"

It's taken me about 2 weeks to figure this one out, especially when it has been driving me nuts knowing that my contacts were somehow "Hidden" in the main Contacts list, but when I dial a number it shows the contact within my call log.

So before going to the extremes I took, first make sure that your Display Options are set correctly.

I'm sorry if this information has already been posted, but I couldn't find it and managed to stumble across it through troubleshooting through various different solutions to other threads posted.

I'm a VERY happy new Droid user now that I can see ALL my contacts and a little less perturbed with Gmail, but will deal.

Thank you for your time and hope this helps! :greendroid:
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