Contacts - Remove Additional Outlook Groups with Corp Sync


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Nov 19, 2010
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Hey guys,

I just got my Droid Pro the other day and I'm getting used to it...and this is problem is something that I've traced back to being more on the Exchange side, but I simply can't shake it from the device.

Prolem is...I have all my nice organized contacts in Outlooks' My Contacts. Outlook 2010 with Exchange 2007. With Outlook 2010, you additional groups in My Contacts such as "Suggested Contacts" and "Collected Contacts" which are nice but not needed. The bigger problem was that I had "LinkedIn" Social Connector installed and that was cool, but not any more.

The 3 above additional groups "Suggested" "Collected" and "LinkedIn" have been deleted in my Outlook or at least disabled. LinkedIn is gone, and the Collected group was deleted...Suggested is disabled.

WHY in the world now, do the 3 above groups STILL sync with the Droid when I enter the Corporate Sync? There are a couple hundred people in my LinkedIn and they are very incomplete contacts...and sometimes are duplicates that will mess with the Voice commands on the phone...thus...I want to get back to ONLY having my main Outlook Contacts.

On my Droid...those 3 above groups still show up though they have been removed from my Outlook, uninstalled the Social Connectors, and verified they are not in why are they still syncing and showing as options to select under All Contacts in the Droids' contact options?'s like Meta Data in the Outlook address book. I deleted everything I could think of and it's still there.

Oh well...guess I'll do some linking and clean it up.
DId any one figure any of this out?

I am having a heck of a time finding out anything on managing address books / lists on this droid and corporate sync. I just want to create 1 new group and distribute it company wide. I have tried shared contacts and created a new list on the Exchange server, but nothing is working correctly. The shared address book I sent out is able to pop into a users outlook, but it will not sync with their phone. The list I created on the server will not show up either. I will continue to hack.. I guess I am just getting frustrated and venting over something that should be easy and just work.. it's 2012 isn't it??