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Jul 29, 2010
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Yesterday I received my Verizon Droid-X in the mail and I've been really happy with it so far. Today while I was playing around with apps I stumbled across Droidlight by Motorola and while I was looking for something in the dark recesses of my garage I thought it might be useful. I fired it up and everything worked great for about a few seconds, then the LEDs started to flicker so I closed the app and restarted my phone. Now it's a repeatable problem using either the Droidlight app or (more importantly) the camcorder's light function. I consistently get about 5-20 seconds of steady light and then one of the LEDs - only the top one - starts blinking on and off rapidly.

My thought is this must be a hardware issue, a defective LED or bad PCB soldering. But before I decide that my phone is defective, I just wanted to see if this is a known issue or if anyone can reproduce it.

Admittedly it's not a big deal and I probably won't encounter it often, but if it's a hardware failure I would hate to see it get worse to the point that the camera flash is unusable and I'd rather deal with it while I'm covered by warranty.

Thanks for the help!
Did u receive a solution for this? I got a refurbished droid x last week,no problems until i tried to take video with the light feature. After about 30 seconds one led starts flickering on and off,does it everytime and alwasy starts at about 30 sec. Taking pics is important to me plus now i am afraid it means flash will stop working all together.
Sounds like my problem exactly. I took it to my local Verizon store and they ordered me a replacement, which I got in the mail a few days later. I was expecting a new phone but I got a refurb. The camera LEDs work fine this time around but I'm having issues with ' dead pixels' in the camera app. From what I've read, this is a known software bug so I'm holding out for the 2.2 update.

Take it to your local store and they should be able to help you out. Good luck.
Ahh yes, I have had 3 with the camera "dead pixel" issue, among other things. I hope they fix it, this phone does not have any. It is also the top LED that flickers on mine.
Droid X Bottom LED flickers out

I guess this is an older thread but I will post anyway. My new Droid X has been perfect except for the bottom Led flickering after a few seconds of being on and then turning off with the camcorder funcion or any of the flashlight apps out there. It is very frustrating! Is anyone still having this issue?
Unfortunately mine has the same problem. When turning on Droid Light or the video camera with the light on, the bottom light blinks continuously after about 10-15 seconds....anyone have a fix other than returning the phone? The idea of returning the phone for a refurb a month after I bought it doesn't sit well with me.
try the teslaLED app and see if its the phone or the apps

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I returned mine for a refurb. I was a little hesitant at first but I haven't had a single problem in 4+ months. It was definitely a hardware problem. If it bothers you I would recommended returning it.

Return it!

I was lucky and returned it in the first month I had it. They said that they have to replace with a brand new phone in this time frame. The new one I have has been trouble free. The Verizon store walked me through all the pointless steps to try and "fix" it but I knew it was hardware related and not software related form the start! Good luck!