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Jan 16, 2012
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Deep tissue massage...

Have you ever had a nagging pain? Maybe from... Oh.. I don't know.. Benching with poor form and too much weight when you started your fitness journey?? Or maybe you've added a lot of lean mass. Or maybe you've sprained something playing football years ago, or even last week..

You've started with the tried and true, ice and NSAIDS.. Work some icy hot in and a hot pack... You still don't feel now you go to the doctor.. The doctor says keep doing what you're doing... Stretch it... Ice it..

That's all my doc would tell me.. So 400$ to get some pics taken and be told nothing... Awesome investment..

Well.. For me.. My pain went away. Only to come back under my old friend.. The bench. I know I have good form now, but the saying is... An injury leads to a re injury down the road. So it's apparently a cycle.. I got tired of chasing my tail, and with the advice of a friend.. I saw a specialist.

The specialist heard my tale of weight loss and inches lost and muscle gained.. He checked me over and explained something to me..
"an area of injured muscle or overworked muscle will heal. And once it heals, it's like a series of cables and those cables now don't function normally. They're all welded together."

He said you need deep tissue work.. I never thought of deep tissue work as being important to a weight lifter, or an athlete at all.. But with the advice of a friend..I set out to see if this could correct my problem.. It sounded good.. But i had nothing to base it off of.. In the interest of keeping this short... I'll say that it was a god send.. My range of motion has improved, I don't have the nagging pain in my left scapula, and my shoulder feels rock solid...

The massage therapist found large areas of scar tissue all along the outside of my left pec and on the inside edge of my left scapula as well.. Now.. As much as deep tissue work does hurt, believe me it does.. These people are earning their money and worth their weight in gold... When they grab ahold of a "cable" of scar tissue and start breaking it down.. It really sucks.. But after 5 minutes or so... You can feel. An old sticky injury, rejuvenated...

When i got back in the gym, I got pump in areas I hadn't ever had pump in, because it enables the blood to flow to places it couldn't flow before.

So if you have a nagging injury.. I highly recommend looking into a deep tissue massage...

Here's a link to kali muscle getting a deep tissue massage.. There could be language in it.. I know I'm biting my knuckles when my therapist has her elbow and all of her body weight digging into me.. Take deep breaths and relax she

Kali Muscle: Sports Massage [Deep Tissue]​

Thanx for reading.. Hope this helps someone..
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Thank you sir..
Here's a better example.. When a 4x Mr o is taking a beating.. You can imagine what I'm taking.. NSFW... Meaning language...

Jay Cutler 4 weeks out from Olympia 2011:
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