Files save onto SD card or internal memory?


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Feb 19, 2012
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It seems that a majority of the files I download automatically save to the internal memory rather than the SD card. My pictures and memos are about the only things that save onto the SD card. All the music I download automatically saved to the internal memory. How do I make it so that it saves to the SD card? And when I move the existing files over, how do I get my music app to again know the location of these files?

Also things like voice recordings save to the internal memory and the voice recorder app doesnt give me the option to save to SD card. Is this normal? I thought you could basically save all media to the SD card and the only thing that really has to be saved to the phone is apps and of course the system files. I'm worried its going to slow my phone down after a while.

On a side note, this phone is quite bad ass. Fast as hell, battery lasts forever, just nice. Didn't think upgrading from my blackberry would change my life like this lol.

Thanks for any help.

EDIT: Just checked my music download app and it says "files are saved to /SD card/music download". However, the aforementioned "music download" folder is instead in the phones internal storage. What would be the reason for this? It sounds like a problem with the SD card or something.

ALSO: A side question. When you go to MMS a video to someone and it says you must resize it first, what is it actually doing? Is it compressing it down? And if so, does it affect the original file? Or does of simply make a compressed copy of the original and store it in the temporary files or something?

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