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Aug 5, 2011
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Hi all, I just completed my registration here for the first time and I hope someone will put my worries at ease.

Last night, I wanted to link my phone to a different gmail account as I did not use the account that I used to first link my phone with. The only way it could let me remove it was that it said for me to reset my phone. So I went to settings, privacy, and then factory data reset. I thought that it would fix the problem, however when the phone went on the home page, my 3g signal was not there and it said my number was no longer available (suspended I think). So I fixed it up with Verizon Customer service and they were a great help to getting me to reactivate my phone again.

But I'm a little worried about what the factory data reset did. Before this ever happened, I updated my phone from 2.2 froyo to 2.3 gingerbread. I thought the factory data reset would reset my phone to back to 2.2, however when I turned it back on and went to settings, about phone, it said 2.3.3. still. I am just wondering, how come it did not revert back to 2.2 but deleted all my other apps, widgets, etc? I really do like 2.3.3 and I hope my phones not reading it wrong and that it really is running 2.3.3. Hope someone will explain.
factory data reset just removes all apps and settings, it doesn't remove any OTA updates. if your phone says 2.3.3 you can rest assured thats what you're on.
Hi there czerdrill, Thank you so much for telling me this. I just hate being paranoid and this means a lot. :D
I suspect this has been covered before, but I dont see it anywhere in current posts.

Im eligible for an upgrade, but have been waiting to get a look at the bionic when it comes out. Recently my Droid 1 has been performing pretty badly as I was down to less than 30mb of remaining phone mem. I had already moved every app to the SD card that I could, and cleared data on a bunch of others, but it was still slower than dog snot.

Since it looks like it might still be a while for the Bionic, I took the plunge yesterday, and invested about 90 mins in a factory data reset, and rebuilt the phone back up again using App List Backup.

It was a breeze. Since I was on wifi, it was quick. Now the Droid 1 runs like new again. I shoulda done this two months ago!