Facebook Notifications

I've never received notifications though the FB app, except for private messages and chat.
misleading to have a notification option in the app ... it only works when the app is running. at that point, whats the point ?

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Really? Never?

I worked like a charm for a few months. Then it stopped last month or so completely. Like it told me of Wall posts and comments. lol.

Now i have to manually check
Hi all,

I have a quick question about Facebook notifications. I have them turned on, however I have all of the notification options unchecked.

The only notifications I really want to see our private messages. And for that I use the "Facebook Messenger" app.

However I still receive Facebook notifications as you can see in the screenshot below.

Do you have the notifications turned off in the FB app? I have notifications off and I dont get a thing except messages.
Have you tried going to settings, applications, Facebook, and then uncheck "show notifications".