Facebook contacts problem! Help!


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Mar 29, 2011
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I had facebook on my droid 2. Well I deactivted FB, and deleted it off my droid, but all the contacts are still in my contact list. Everytime I try to delete a fb contact it tells me to remove them as a friend. I deactivted my FB account so I have no friends anymore.

Any help would be greatley appriciated! Thank you!

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No offense, but you kinda screwed yourself over with deleting your fb account... a better idea would have been to create a backup to your sd card, and factory reset the phone. Seems a little too late... hopefully this helps for next time! :)

I use Backup Assistant to backup all my contacts. If I do a phone reset that should do the trick then? Would I still have all my paid apps available to be redownloaded? Thanks for the reply!

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Make sure you set up Google's app backup service, then reset. As long as you're friends with a person on fb, you cannot delete their fb contact from your phone. Let me know how it goes. :)

I had the same issue...
Called VZW and they said if you have Facebook on your phone you will have that issue. I deleted the App and just go to Facebook now through the browser without any of those issues.
A hard reset will work too.

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Get back on Facebook on your computer (the real fb)
Reinstall FB to your phone
Configure it to NOT sync facebook contacts
Uninstall FB app
Re-delete facebook.

When you delete your facebook, it keeps the login active. Your phone logs into Facebook, reactivating it, syncing your contacts.

Hope I helped :)