Facebook app for Motorola Droid doesnt update????


Dec 29, 2009
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Ok, so i am using the facebook app and i have the refresh interval set to 30 minutes. I have all the notification settings checked. But I have not yet received a single facebook notification. I have gotten emails to my droid saying i received a new facebook notification, but no specific notification from the facebook app itself. Similarly, when I check my notifications on the facebook app, they haven't refreshed once since I started it. Only until I manually clicked "refresh" did it show new notifications. Whats up with this??
I have this same problem. I have been very disappointed in this app.
I really am too. I have mine set to 5 mins. and I never receive an update! Sometimes it will tell me that I got a message.
I really am too. I have mine set to 5 mins. and I never receive an update! Sometimes it will tell me that I got a message.

The fastest i can set mine is 30 minutes. Are you using the default facebook app or a 3rd party one? Either way were both having the same problem. Anyone know how to fix it? Can you fix it?!
Know issue with the FB app.....Actually not are that stellar...

m.facebook.com is what I use
I figured it out!! I was having the same problem. At first i was receiving notifications, and then I cleared the cookies, cache etc. and after that I didn't receive facebook notifications (not sure if the two are related or not).
Anyway, I figured out how to get the notifications to work!
Go to the Facebook App, to the main page where it shows the 6 FB options: News Feed, Friends, Photos, Take Photo, Profile, Notifications> Hit Menu to choose your Settings or for Logout> Hit Logout> It say that all your data for the FB account will be taken off the phone (basically meaning you will be logged out). So do it, logout and once you log back in.....the notifications work again!! At least for me it did :)
Hope this helps.
I downloaded facebook touch and it's much better than the "stock" fb app. Can you uninstall the original fb app?
You also might want to check the application settings on facebook itself. A while back I was browsing through my facebook apps, and I noticed there were two copies of facebook for android listed... On one of them the settings were disabled for allowing the app to do stuff with facebook.

I checked both options, and started getting notifications again.