FAA Almost Bans The Note 7 On Flights, Tells Owners To Shut It Down In Flight Instead!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Everyone knows "You can't say bomb on an airplane", and if the underwear bomber is any indication of how airlines feel about explosive devices you can't carry a bomb on a plane either. That being said for now you can carry your potentially explosive Galaxy Note 7 onto a plane. The Federal Aviation Administration had considered an all out ban on the Note 7, but after a week of consideration they have decided instead to allow the phone on flights as long as you turn them off during the flight.

The European Air Safety Agency also suggested that users inform cabin crew when a device is damaged, hot, produces smoke, is lost, or falls into the seat structure. Airlines are following suit releasing their own official statements.

Virgin Atlantic had this to say:

Samsung has identified some safety issues with its Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone. As a result and in line with regulatory advice, Virgin Atlantic advises all customers who intend to travel with this phone that the phone should be carried only in cabin baggage. The phone should not be charged in flight and should remain switched off for the duration. Customers who own the Galaxy Note 7 model should refer to the manufactures website for further advice.

Similar statements have been released from the following airlines American, Delta, United, Southwest, Air France, Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic, and Emirates. None have actually banned the device yet.

via BusinessInsider


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Dec 29, 2009
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I've had it with all these Note 7s on this plane!!