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Jun 20, 2011
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I just got my d2g about a month and a half ago. I love everything accept for some bugs and the battery life. I am looking into getting the extended battery that Verizon offers. I am wondering if anyone has it and has any thoughts about it. Is it worth fifty dollars? About how many more hours of use does it add?

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worth all depends on your perception of it. A lot of people seem to have good luck buying cheap batteries and cheap extended batteries off amazon and ebay. I will stick to my fraidycat thought that the cheaper off brand/knockoff stuff probably has a higher tendancy to fail and/or not have the capacity as advertised.

Lets break down the math....

the stock battery is 1420 mAh, the motorola extended is like 1820 mAh. this equates to a rough 30% charge increase, and also a 30% (typical) increased use time. so if you normally see say 12 hours of usage (8 hours work + a few hours of hardcore usage), this would be roughly extended to15-16 hours.

but on a final note, it all depends on how you have your phone set up and specifically what you do when you use it.

playing playstation games chews through my extended battery and only gives me 3 hours of time for example.
What I did was bought a stock battery for 5 bucks and a battery only charger for it for about 15. Once one is low or dead I just switch em out. Works good for me. Of course, it is kind of an inconvenience rebooting it when i switch them but I don't mind it.

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With moderate use on my BP7X I can pull ALMOST 2 1/2 days from the point I take my phone off of the charger. All of my friends with iPhones are super jelly.
Yes it is worth it for me. I don't like having to carry an extra battery and charger around. My battery last me all day with moderate use.
Also, if you buy a couple of items at verizon, they give you a 25% discount.
The battery was thirty some dollars b/c I bought screen protectors and screen wipes also.
Ok, then I will buy it. I will also get the multimedia dock and a case of some kind. I had a case, but it broke because I had to pull the battery so much from the random freezing and dying. :(I wish they made a high gloss silicone case for my phone like they do for pretty much every touch screen only phone. (Like droid x, or droid charge)

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just make sure you try the case with the new battery cover b/c it does stick out a little more. I tried a couple of cases/covers at the Verizon store and they all fit. but some might not I am told.
I would highly recommend the extended battery. I can go all day (10 hours or so, from when I leave home in the morning until the evening when I get back) with my D2 with moderate to heavy use (web browsing, music playing constantly, taking pictures, calls and a bunch of texts) and I rarely run it down past 50%. The extended battery case makes your phone just a tiny bit fatter, but I find it actually makes the phone a little bit more pleasing to hold in your hand.