Extended Battery is AMAZING! Get one NOW!

Nope, when I logged in it came to $37 each and I even went all the way through to credit card entry. When I was logged out it was $25 each. Go figure:blink:
I think what Low Saturn was saying was that you place the battery into the cart before signing in to show the $24.99, then you log in after that, and the $24.99 still shows after logging in if you do it in that sequence...I just tried what he said and it did still offer that $24.99 even after I logged in...
Feels about as thick as a Droid1 or Droid 2, but lighter. It is not obtrusive - certainly not like the extended battery on the HTC Thunderbolt. Thick can be good.

So true!
Got mine yesterday.
This is what a phone named bionic should feel like!
Used to start looking for a plug in at 40 percent. Now I just keep on reading.

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I was told yes. I looked at the dock last night and it has the room.

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Just ordered my extended battery for $24.99. I did the same...just bought it without ever logging into my account and paid with my debit card. Thanks for the tip!

I got the extended battery the other day. The first day, after the first full charge, the battery life was incredible. I let it go down to 20% and did another full recharge - battery life not as good this time. Let it go down to 40% and did a full recharge - it seems to going down at about the same rate as the standard battery. I'm wait for several drain/recharge cycles before I call Verizon about it, but might have a bad battery. I did have a few freezes when I first installed the extended battery - like immediately.
OK. I am now armed with two fully charged oem extended life batteries. Bring in on Bionic, let's see what you can do!dancedroid
SSHGuru, there is no way that you can go all day with the stock battery, not even on idle. GO surf the internet for an hour and see how much batt life is left. Glad I got some folks to get the extended battery, enjoy.
Got the extended battery and tested against stock battery. There is no comparison. I get a full day plus using 4g and intermittent.nav. we'll worth it. And if you default to 3g it is even better.

Now let's get the freeze/shutdown thing fixed.....

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Just got mine today, I was averaging about 16 hours on the stick battery with low to moderate usage. I've trying to drain the extended battery and it just won't die, its been at 5% for about two hours now and started at about 20% / 30% when I put it in over five hours ago. Hoping its not just mis-reading the battery stats, if its not this is gonna be sick!

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So I just had to show off why I'm glad I got the extended battery. :) keep in mind this is just moderate use age and cdma only, but I'm quite pleased with this battery.

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What a bargain! I was looking on Ebay and thought I'd be getting a deal at only $42 with free shipping! Got 2 batteries and then checked all of the docks I don't have... none of them at half price, but I'll keep checking! Thanks for the info!dancedroid
Does the extended battery and case work with the car mount? I use the navigation system quite a bit. Thanks........
I would love to get the extended battery for mine, but until they make an Otterbox that is capable of allowing the extended battery I will be staying with the standard battery. According to their website they have no plans to make one that will accommodate the extended battery.