Exchange 2003 Synch Issues and Touchdown App


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Sep 16, 2010
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I came from a Motorola Q 9C which served me well. Droid X is a little intimidating; but I bought it because it was supposed to be the best pda on the market. I am interested in getting my phone to sych with MS Exchange 2003 through Droidx corproate synch function. Ended up downloading touchdown app; which works, but i get constant notifications when it synchs whether i have a new email, meeting reminder, or not. i don't care when it synch's; just notify me if i have something i need to look at. i have been told that 2.2 software update will allow me to synch through the phone to exchange 2003 with no problems so i can get rid of touchdown. It better or i may give this thing back. Not sure how they could release this when it won't synch with Exchange 2003. i like the speed of the browser and the screen size is nice for viewing web pages, etc. battery life not as bad as i expected. Also, the camera is great; i no longer need my new Canon digital camera as these pics are just fine for resolution, clarity, etc. Glad to join droid world; i hope they solve Exchange synch issue with 2.2 or i may have to leave.