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Mar 8, 2013
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So a few days ago I bought a droid x with a bad esn, but when I got verizon said it had a bad esn, and when I contacted Motorola, they said it was fine. Any help?
AFAIK, if Verizon deems it a bad ESN, they won't activate it.
Bad Esn usually means phone was reported lost or stolen or that there is an outstanding balance on the account phone came from. Don't think there is an easy way to activate it. Where did u buy it?

Galaxy S4!!!
As i said in my last post to dezymond. But it came from (now i know they cant be trusted) But it was formatted for PCS. Should i send it back? (I already use a Razr MAXX as my media device)
So you're trying to activate it on PCS or Verizon?

Verizon won't activate a bad ESN phone under any circumstances, to my understanding. Plus I don't think a phone flashed to work on PCS will work on Verizon anyway.
Verizon is mostly CDMA, and PCS is not in their network/licensing authorization.
Verify the actual band the phone is working on, and if itis PCS, you can try MetroPCS if they serve your area, otherwise, skip the headache and return it and indicate it is a defective phone.