Bad ESN - Legit Reason To Sell?


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Feb 20, 2010
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Nashville, TN
I noticed on eBay there is a listing for a Droid that clearly says it has a bad ESN. Is there a legitimate reason to be selling a phone w/ a bad ESN? There is no explanation by the seller, only that the ESN is bad and the phone cannot be activated w/ Verizon. Considering my phone was stolen this past Friday you can probably see why I'd be concerned. Do I think this phone is mine? No, the seller is in OH and I'm in TN. Just wondering whether or not this is a legit practice and why.

Here is the link: MOTOROLA DROID ROOTED BAD ESN MINT CONDITION BAD ESN - eBay (item 140389862447 end time Mar-16-10 14:36:04 PDT)
Spare parts. It could be stolen, but more likely it's just a phone which Verizon terminated for non-payment.
if you look at the sellers name.... hes a pawnshop.... so probable was stolen and sold at his store
Yeah I think ESNs are only blacklisted for nonpayment and theft and maybe if they said they lost it and called insurance or something. Either way, none of those things are legit reasons LOL
hes a pawnshop.... so probable was stolen and sold at his store
Pawns are usually very careful about things like that. Phones are easily traced (by ESN/MEID, go figure). A pawn isn't going to risk his business to make a few bucks on a cell phone.