Logic board ESN swap


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Jun 24, 2010
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I dont know if this will work but, Can I swap the logic board out of a A855 that has a good ESN/MEID to a phone that has a bad ESN/MEID to get it working again? I have a few A855's with bad esn's but phone itself is damaged and a few good phones with bad esn's. Thanks for any help I can get on this!! [email protected]
How about u try it and let us know? I'm sure no one has attemped. Very interesting...

ive tried it, hell when thro 3 ribbons.:motdroidvert: now my good esn is messed up and wont work for my anyone got a good esn for sell i need one pretty bad lol send me a message on here if you can help me out
logic board swap

I tried it, it works fine. Ive done it to 3 of them with no problems