emergency contacts in emergency dialer


Dec 2, 2010
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I apologize if this topic has been brought up before, but I did a search and couldn't find anything.

When I click emergency call from the lockscreen, it brings up the emergency dialer, but there is no way to acess pre-stored emergency contact numbers. In the people app, there is no way to designate a contact as ICE. I did a quick google search and in another forum people were suggesting that it's illegal for the emergency dialer to call anyobe but 911, but this is NOT TRUE. My past two dumb phones as well as my Droid Pro allowed me to save 3 numbers to allow to be called from the lockscreen. This is highly dangerous that it doesn't allow this because emergency personnel should be able to call my family and any kind person who finds my phone should be able to contact someone so they can return it. This is a huge oversight on Google's part if this is not a native feature. Could there be a feature that Blur got right but Google got wrong?

Is there any way to make my galaxy nexus do what I'm asking?