Emergency Cell Phone Charger? ne one use??


Nov 21, 2009
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Does anyone use one of these. I think i may get one to just throw in my car for when my cell is getting low. They just use a single aa battery. seem to be like 5 bucks online. Does anyone have one or think there worth it? If so, post a link to a quality one.

I've personally never used one but I know people who have and it worked for them. Didn't give them much of a charge but it gave them enough to put a necessary call through.
looks alot like a Turbo Charger that I have. It gives a 10 percent charge.I had to get the adapter for Droid but they send you one for cost of postage under 2.00 .
I have seen them at Big Lots for 5.00
does the turbo charger tc2 package come with a micro usb cord/attachment? that will work for the droid? i went in to a store today, after researching this product, and taking feed back here, around 20 bucks a piece, none at the big lots here, would be nice to have one for five bucks, i like and would prefer to use rechargeable AA sized batteries because i have so many of them. don't like the thought of changing internal cellphone batteries constantly back and forth. would like to see more items like this one, would be great as back up power when im riding bike trails. thanks
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I've been wanting to try this out, but I don't have the right tools and am too lazy to go out and get them.
I have been using a similar kind of thing on for my iphone 3gs, its a solor powered charger that can be connected to any cell phone with its multi port system. following is the images of that device.

Its a solar powered cell phone charging system with the ability to charge even in low sun light. Following are the features of this device

Multi-device charger
Works with 3200+ devices.

Stores Power
Holds a charge up to one year, so it’s ready anytime, day or night.

Hybrid versatility
Charge it from the sun, via USB port or from an optional wall charger.

Intelligent Charging
No overcharging, just right.

Technical Specification
* Long life internal 1000Amh Lithium-Ion Battery.
* 1 High Efficiency Solar Cell.
* Multi-function LED light/start button.
* Charging cable input (USB / AC).
* Charge output
* 5-6V, 700mA output range.
* 4.2 Watts
* Strong, impact resistant Lexan Shell

The above specs are of solio solar charger. As compared to a battery powered charging system, the solar power charger is far batter as there is no running cost to charge and is able to charge different brand cell phones.