Email with no Cell Signal


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Jul 27, 2010
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I’m a new Motorola Droid user with Verizon. The stock phone works well unless I’m in VT with no cell signal.

Is it possible to still use email, messaging and browser functions without a cell signal? From experience I have to say the answer is no but how can I get around this?
Sorry, forgot to mention that I have a strong wifi signal.
Sure, if you are in a wifi area just enable wifi and email, message, and browse away. I use it this way 90% of the time.
Interesting, even with wifi connected I couldn't get email to connect. I'll try again when I'm up there mid August. Glad to know it should work and thanks for the reply.
Like the other poster said, you should have no problem receiving all your data through wifi only
I haven't seen the OP specifically state that he was able to use WiFi at all. Be aware that there are some issues with WiFi connectivity that Droid and Android users have run across. I'd suggest being prepared to test out connectivity while changing the following:

1. If it's an N router, try G only mode instead of mixed.
2. Try enabling SSID broadcast, if disabled.
3. Try disabling or changing the encryption options.

That's what I can recall off the top of my head. It might help to skim the various WiFi issues threads.