What is your Cell Standby - Time w/o signal %?

Nov 25, 2009
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I've noticed that "cell standby" seems to be taking up what I consider a large portion of my battery life in the Battery Use Details submenu. At the end of the day it is usually hovering in the 16% battery use range...

So when I click on Cell Standby to look at the details, the "Time without signal" is always REALLY high, like right now it says 87%.... is this normal??

What is your time w/o signal %?? I have a feeling that this is affecting my battery life negatively.

I find it weird because I almost always have 3 or 4 3G bars...
I'm assuming you left phone on all night and didn't use it. That number will drop. your phone was idle and did nothing so it's a percentage of use up to that point.

As you know it will check in with the tower every so often, and listen. If that's all it's doing the percentage will obviously be higher.

It will drop at the end of the day as you use your device.

Mine was at 33% and at the end of the day it's in the single digits.
ck, I think the OP believes that his device is literally going without a signal 87% of the time.

I think that statistic refers to the amount of time the connection is actually in use, though (data transfer or voice) and actually means that the device has been sleeping for 87% of the time. That's why the percentage is known as "Cell Standby"
So is that weird then that my Time without a signal percentage is always hovering in the 80% range?
My cell standby percentage tonight was at 59%. What's up with that?

It drained down to 80% in a few hours without even barely using it. I've had the phone since November and never noticed standby skyrocketing like that. I was in a basement of a hospital for class, so was it just searching for a signal??
my cell standby is typically around 29% of battery use

I was getting about 16 hours out of my phone before it upgraded itself to 2.2 now I'm lucky if I get 7 hours. Checking out battery use - cell standby is 29%, phone idle 19% and display is 16%. I'm unclear how I can reduce any of those. 7 hours in unworkable for me I can be away from any electrical source for 16 hours on a typical day. Has anyone heard of an extended life battery for these phones?