Email notifications of past and old emails

Thank you...the most annoying part is the phone sending me notifications of emails that are at least a couple of months actually notified me of an email that was way back in 2007.

However since, my first thread...the phone has stopped sending me notifications period!

Me I'm getting no notifications for hotmail, yahoo or facebook. Gmail is the only notifications I'm getting.
I have explained how to do this by letting Gmail be the controlling system. I have four email accounts (one is Yahoo, others are domain name server accounts), plus I have my gmail. I forward all mail to gmail, but I set them so they don't delete in the orginating location on forward. Then, I get notifications on all new mail from all the accounts on my Droid. Deleting on the Droid deletes on Gmail, but the other accounts' originating locations are not touched.

If I delete on gmail on my pc, it won't delete an existing notification (one which I already received, but didn't delete) on the Droid, but it does stop being notified again for that now deleted one. Learning to use this with Gmail as the controller is the key to making this work.
Luckily I only have a gmail account so I get the notifications - and I guess after a few minutes if I delete an email on my PC or read it, then the notification on the Droid goes away -- just wasn't waiting long enough I guess. But it seems spotty -- I've tried a few test emails and the notifications lag for a long time after I delete but thanks for the feedback.

I hope they come up with a sweet app to distinguish between text, calls, and emails through the LED on the phone -- different colors (does it even have different LED colors other than green???)

I'd like it if texts from certain people just popped up on the phone and unlocked it so you didn't have to go through all the razzamatazz to get to it....
Luckily I don't do that much texting but...
I'm sure there will be some apps for this eventually....I hope.
I guess I'm have the opposite issue to everyone. My Droid is not notifying me when I get my email. I set the frequency to check email every 5 minutes but sometimes I dont get it for like hours (4-5). But when I go to my email and refresh, then it notifies me - very annoying. I even delete the account on the phone and add it again to see if it will work - same thing.

For the LED color - I was able to change my LED color to Cyan as notifying me when I get a text. It gives me the option of: Green, red, yellow, magenta, cyan and custom. I only see this LED color option under an app called sms popup. Hope that helps.

Try to "uncombine" your email inbox and change the settings from getting email every hour and/or set as never to get email notification. Hope that helps also.

I turned off my auto-sync with facebook and gmail and that saves battery life.