Email client freezing???


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Jul 25, 2010
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Ok, first let me apologize - I've been trying to search the boards, but am so frustrated, so if this is already out here - Sorry!!

Have 4 email accounts - 2 yahoo, 1 gmail (not the one originally set up when purchased phone) and 1 corporate. One of the yahoo accounts has been disabled and so I tried to delete it. I did the long hold thing and selected remove account - the confirmation screen came up - and froze. I had to force close or wait (or send report). I chose wait - and everything in email went black! when it finally came back on, same sequence again. So I chose force close. Again - then chose send report (where does that go - is there ever a response)?? Each time I've tried to remove the account, I have lost all my email accounts for hours/days at a time. When I go to email app I just get a black screen until the force close/wait/send screen appears. Oh - and I can't see my corporate calendar anymore either. This has been going on for days ... Can anyone help??



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Jul 16, 2011
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stock email client is broken. Use k9... free from market

You could do that, or actually fix the problem:icon_eek:

I recently had the same problem with HTC mail on my Incredible, it locked up while I was deleting an account and would not re - open despite a battery pull. In order to fix it I went into the application manager, force quit the mail app, cleared the cache, and then cleared the application data. I then had to re - enter all the account information for my other 2 accounts from scratch. You will loose any emails not still on the server, but it fixed my issue.

Here are the steps
1. Go To Settings
2. Tap Applications
3. Tap Manage Applications
4. Tap the ALL tab up top
5. Tap Mail
6. Tap Force Stop
7. Tap Clear Cache
8. Tap Clear Data
9. Go back and open the mail app and re - enter the account(s) information.

Clearing the data will also reset the Mail app settings to their defaults, so you will have to make any necessary changes there as well.

Hope this works for you.